Grant Application Codes

The codes listed are to be used when completing your grant application. They have been included to meet standards set by the National Information Systems Project (NISP), a program of the state and regional arts agencies across the country and the National Endowment for the Arts. The purpose of NISP is to improve management and guarantee national compatibility in the collection, organization, and exchange of arts information. Your response is voluntary and confidential.

When using these codes to complete the application form, enter only one number per category. Choose the number that BEST describes you (if applying as an individual) or the organization.


Applicant Status

Individual [01]

Government-Regional [06]

Organization-Nonprofit [02]

Government-County [07]

Organization-Profit [03]

Government-Municipal [08]

Government-Federal [04]

Government-Tribal [09]

Government-State [05]

None of the Above [99]


Applicant Institution

Performing Groups

Education Institutions

Performing Group [03]

School of the Arts [48]

Performing Group – College/University [04]

Arts Camp/Institute [49]

Performing Group – Community [05]

School District [19]

Performing Group – Youth [06]

Parent-Teacher Organization [20]


Elementary School [21]

Middle School [22]


Secondary School [23]

Cultural Series Organization [47]

Vocational/Technical School [24]

Performance Facility [07]

College/University [26]

Art Museum [08]

Other School [25]

Other Museum [09]

Fair/Festival [14]

Community/State Organizations

Gallery/Exhibit Space [10]

Library [27]

Arts Center [15]

Parks and Recreations [37]

Cinema [11]

Social Service Organization [50]

Community Service Organization [32]

Councils/Service Groups

Religious Organization [35]

Arts Council/Agency [16]

Child Care Provider [51]

Historical Society [28]

Seniors’ Center [36]

Humanities Council [29]

Correctional Institution [33]

Arts Service Organization [17]

Health Care Facility [34]

Union/Professional Association [18]

Foundation [30]

Corporation [31]


Independent Press [12]


Literary Magazine [13]

Individual Artist [01]

Media – Periodical [42]

Individual Non-Artist [02]

Media – Daily Newspaper [43]

Media – Weekly Newspaper [44]


Media – Radio [45]

Government – Executive [38]

Media – TV [46]

Government – Judicial [39]

Government – Legislative/House [40]

Government – Legislative/Senate [41]



None of the above [99]



Application Discipline
Project Discipline


Crafts [07]

Media Arts [09]

A - Clay

A - Film

B - Fiber

B - Audio

C - Glass

C - Video

D -Leather

D - Technology/Experimental

E - Metal

F - Paper

Multidisciplinary [14]

G - Plastic

Pertains to grants that include

H - Wood

activities in more than one discipline

I - Mixed Media

that cannot be attributed to a

single discipline.

Dance [01]


A - Ballet

Music [02]

B - Ethnic/Jazz/Folk

A - Band

C - Modern

B - Chamber

C - Choral

Design Arts [06]

D - New

A - Architecture

E - Ethnic

B - Fashion

F - Jazz

C - Graphic

G - Popular

D- Industrial

H - Solo/Recital

E - Interior

I - Orchestral

F- Landscape Architecture

G - Urban/Metropolitan

Opera/Musical Theater [03]

  A - Opera

Folk-life/Traditional Arts [12]

B - Musical Theater

A - Folk/Traditional Dance


B - Folk/Traditional Music

Photography [08]

C - Folk/Traditional Crafts & Visual Arts

A - General

D - Oral Traditions

B - Holography

(include folk/traditional storytelling)


Theater [04]

Humanities [13]

A - General

Pertaining to, but not limited to: languages,

B - Mime

archaeology, jurisprudence, history

C - Puppet

and criticism of the Arts, literature,

D - Theater for Young Audiences


Interdisciplinary [11]

Visual Arts [05]

Pertaining to Art Forms/Art Works that

A - Experimental

integrate more than one arts discipline to form

B - Graphics

a single work, including performance art.

D - Painting

F- Sculpture

Literature [10]


A - Fiction

Non-Arts/Non-Humanities [15]

B - Non-Fiction


C - Playwriting


D - Poetry


Type of Activity




Concert/Performance/Reading [05]

Distribution of Art [24]

Exhibition [06]

Publication [17]

Fair/Festival [08]

Web Site/Internet Development [35]


Broadcasting [36]



Award/Fellowship [03]


Artwork Creation [04]

Re-granting [26]


Audience Services [02]

Organizational Support

Research/Planning [19]

Operating Support [11]

Marketing [13]

Organization Establishment [10]

Building Public Awareness [33]

Professional Support –

Identification/Documentation [09]

Administrative [14]

Recording/Filming/Taping [16]

Professional Support – Artistic [15]

Repair/Restoration/Conservation [18]

Stabilization/Endowment/Challenge [32]

Equipment Acquisition [23]


Translation [27]


Writing About Art [28]

Apprenticeship [25]


School Residency [20]

None of the above [99]

Other Residency [21]

Arts Instruction [12]


Curriculum Development/ Implementation [31]


Student Assessment [30]


Seminar/Conference [22]


Technical Assistance [34]


Professional Development/Training [29]




Arts Education



None of this project involves arts education


50% or more of this project’s activities are arts education directed to:


K-12 students


Higher education students


Pre-kindergarten children


Adult learners (including teachers and artists)




Less than 50% of this project's activities are arts educations directed to:


K-12 students


Higher education students


Pre-kindergarten children


Adult learners (including teachers and artists)


Project Descriptors

Indicate, if any, the descriptors that comprise a significant portion (50 percent or more) of the grant resources/activities. Indicate all that apply.
If none apply, or if the descriptors apply to a small or indeterminate portion of your funding/activities, leave the field blank.










Youth at Risk


Project Overview

Indicate one, if any, the item that best describes the PRIMARY strategic outcome associated with this project.

Strategic Outcome

Creation: The Portfolio of American Art is expanded


Engagement: Americans Throughout the Nation Experience Art


Learning: Americans of All Ages Acquire Knowledge or Skills in the Arts


Livability: American Communities are Strengthened Through the Arts


Understanding: Public Knowledge and Understanding about the Contributions of the Arts are enhanced


Project Race



Black/African American




American Indian/Alaska Native


Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander




No single group

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