Traditional Arts Projects

In addition to managing the Traditional Arts Apprenticeships, the Traditional Arts Program undertakes projects that focus on particular art forms, regions, and cultures of the state. Usually conducted over two years, these projects involve research and fieldwork to locate and document artists and art forms, and then a public program to share that information with a statewide audience. To date, these projects have included traveling exhibits, local surveys and programs, cultural tourism, festivals, and public performances and demonstrations. Click on the links below for more information on each of these projects.

“Links in a Chain” Apprenticeship Exhibit (2002-2004)
“The Fabric of Community: Traditional Textiles of South Dakota” Exhibit (2004-2006)
“Tree of Life: South Dakota Woodworking Traditions” Exhibit (2006-2008)
Roberts County Cultural Tours (2008-2010)
Sioux Falls Folklife Survey and Festival (2010-1012)
Cowboy and Ranching Traditions Exhibit (2013-2015) Coming soon