Artist and Individual Grants

Grant applications (for FY2020) open Monday, December 3. The application deadline is March 1.
For a more information on the grants available, use the links below. The Applican Portal includes several resources to assist applicants. Visit the portal here

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Artist Grants are made in the following categories:

Artist Career Development Grant. Artist Career Development Grants are designed to provide financial support to emerging artists committed to advancing their work and careers as artist. $2,000 grant.

Artist Fellowship Grant. The $5,000 Artist Fellowship rewards individual artistic excellence.

Artist Collaboration Grant. Provides non-matching grants up to $6,000 to support the collaboration of two South Dakota artists or a South Dakota artist and an out-of­state artist for the purpose of advancing their work and careers and contributing to the arts in each of their states.

Artists In Schools & Communities Grant. Places professional artists in residencies of one week or longer in schools and other educational and community settings to encourage and supplement existing arts programs.

Educator Grant. Educator Grants assist South Dakota teachers in presenting an activity or project in any arts discipline(s) that serves to educate their students in the arts.

Project Grants assist individual artists in the presentation of a specific project or activity that serves the public and meets specific needs of the applicant artist. $1,000 to $2,000

Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grant. Encourages the continuation of South Dakota’s traditional arts and culture by providing non-matching grants up to $4,000 to master folk artists to teach qualified apprentices.

Touring Artist Grant. Help make the arts available in all regions of the state, by providing matching funds to individuals for touring in any arts discipline.
* Contact the South Dakota Arts Council for further information.

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