Grants to Organizations and Schools

Grant applications (for FY2021) open Friday, December 13, 2019. The application deadline is March 1, 2020. The Applicant Portal includes several resources to assist applicants. 
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Artists In Schools & Communities Residencies Grant. Place professional artists in residencies of one week or longer in schools and communities to encourage and supplement existing arts programs. Artists’ fees are supported on a matching funds basis between the sponsoring organization and the Arts Council.

Touring Arts Grant. Help make the arts available in all regions of the state by providing matching funds to nonprofit organizations for contracted programs listed in the Touring Arts brochure.

Arts Challenge Grant (nonprofit arts organizations only). Provides assistance to South Dakota nonprofit, producing arts institutions and community arts councils.

Arts Opportunity Grant. Assists organizations throughout the year for a variety of activities. Up to $1000 in matching funds may be awarded.

Excursion Grant. Excursion grants of up to $500 assist organizations in the transportation of K-12 students and persons with disabilities to arts events in communities other than their own.

Technical Assistance Grant. Technical Assistance to South Dakota nonprofit arts organizations provides matching funds for specialists to advise groups on technical matters, specific programs, projects, and/or administrative functions, provided that this expertise is not available within the organization. Assistance specifically related to technology issues such as use of the internet, web design and other computer expertise may be funded in this category.

Professional Development Grants. Professional Development Grants may be awarded to an organization to fund its representative's attendance at a professional development activity that benefits both the organization and the individual attending.

Project Grant. Assists South Dakota organizations in presenting an arts activity for the general public which meets specific needs of the organization.

Importation of Musicians Grant. Assists South Dakota orchestras with the importation of musicians not available in their own communities.

Statewide Services Grant. Funds statewide cultural service organizations through a partnership agreement with the South Dakota Arts Council. Grants are made to help meet the mission, goals and strategies of the Council’s long range plan.**

*Contact the South Dakota Arts Council for further information.

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